eXchange POP3

eXchange POP3

eXchange POP3 is a gateway that downloads messages from Internet mailboxes
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Exchange POP3 is a software through which message can be accessed from the Internet POP3 email account and sent to Exchange Server. Exchange server can support only high quality SMTP connections, hence, the user can use Exchange POP3 software, which is not expensive and consist of DSL / Cable or Dial-up connection having many Internet POP3 mailboxes.

Exchange POP3 includes many features such as single or multiple user and loads Anti-virus or Anti-spam software to handle any type of viruses. It can also support Real time configuration, control and monitoring. Using Exchange POP3 software you can also use unlimited POP3 Accounts and ISPs.

Exchange POP3 software can record all the information and details of all the messages that have been processed. It also supports IMAP accounts and a configuration wizard. This software can also run in Exchange server of other computer, using network. It also stores the copies of all the messages in the ISP, which are received and sent.

Exchange POP3 protects your system from unwanted messages and gives complete security. It has many built-in features. This software is very easy to use, and even a novice user will not face any problem with it.

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  • Supports single and multiple user POP3 accounts


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